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Use Fastboot with Samsung Galaxy

July 26th, 2009

First we need the fastboot software for linux. Go to and search for “Fastboot binary, Linux” in the Fastboot Tool section. Download the binary and unzip it.

Set the Galaxy in Fastboot mode. Connect the the phone per usb with your computer. Use fastboot in a shell (FC11 user must using a root shell because wrong udev rules).

Test if fastboot found your phone:

[root@fedora android]# ./fastboot devices
????????????    fastboot
[root@fedora android]#

So you can flash and boot images. All recovery images for G1 i found did not work. You see this in the shell

[root@fedora android]# ./fastboot boot JFv1.43_Recovery/data/recovery.img
downloading ‘boot.img’… OKAY
booting… OKAY
[root@fedora android]#

and on the the phone you can read “booting linux…”. But nothing happens. If you had more luck, write a comment.

Be warned: If you flash the false image, you can destroy your phone and got a stylish brick!!!

One Response to Use Fastboot with Samsung Galaxy

  1. tester says:

    You can not change the boot ,
    Here is the suggestion for you .

    have a trial :

    fastboot flash system system.img
    just flash the partition and use the original Samsung’s boot.img.

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