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The community-port of android 2.1 Eclair for Samsung I7500 Galaxy

February 4th, 2010

After a long time without any news from Samsung to upgrade their Samsung i7500 Galaxy from the old 1.5 android version to a newer one, the community will make this job.

First the user mustymod (twitter) create a 2.0 android firmware update.  Today it is in Alpha state, many things are broken or will not work. But it was the first android eclair (2.0) update for the Galaxy and it shows it is possible. Thanks for this hard work to mustymod.

After the first eclair port for the Galaxy our major leader in creating custom firmware the powerful (Italian???) Drakaz get a Samsung Galaxy again and initiate with others a open source project. This project will port the new android version 2.1 which comes with Nexus One (N1) to the Galaxy. This project is in the beginning state and many things are buggy or will not work. Creative developers are welcome to help.

The project is located at and has a wiki for new developers. Both leaders in porting eclair have accounts to share code. For mustymod and for Drakaz Feel free to look in their code.

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5 Responses to The community-port of android 2.1 Eclair for Samsung I7500 Galaxy

  1. Traveler8 says:

    Indeed, creative developers are more than welcome. :)

    (Drakaz is not Italian but French)

  2. Steffen Lindner says:

    Ups, can you get source for this?

  3. Nihal Adsul says:

    Congratulations for your efforts…..
    Though I am not a Galaxy i7500 owner, I do feel really good to know that good people like you exist to make things better for those who have been cheated by Samsung…..

  4. avinash says:

    This is such a wonderful news!! Will upgrade soon!

  5. asad says:

    thanks to you guys,,,, may god bless u…….

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