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The answer from Samsung about source code for the (multitouch)touchscreen

August 10th, 2009

Today i received the answer from Samsung about source code used for the Galaxy linux kernel.

The email support tell me, i “will need to contact Android to resolve this enquiry.” Very usefully answer Samsung. LOL The os of my mobile phone know the place of the sources.

Next round. I have send an email to the mailing list of the android kernel to get the source code (or more publicity for the problem). Also i have send a second email to Samsung.

If you interested to the sources, please also write an email to Samsung.

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3 Responses to The answer from Samsung about source code for the (multitouch)touchscreen

  1. step21 says:

    well normal customer support may not know about this … could you maybe try finding out another more inside email or through someone who knows one who’s working at Samsung, so that it goes to the right place?

  2. Felix Homann says:

    I have asked Samsung for the sources over a month ago. Still no valuable reaction! This is a clear GPL violation!!!

  3. dj_ecr says:

    Maybe putting this to the android-dev’s (e.g. their Mailinglists), that they can force samsung to release it?

    btw. someone’s got an emailadress of samsung (maybe someone’s more “inside” samsung, not the normal callcentersupporters) for writing about that?

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