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New firmware IH8 is out

September 10th, 2009

Today Samsung release a new firmware update for the Galaxy. And this is really needed after the last update. The new firmware version is I7500XXIH8 with CSC I7500VIAIH4.

WARNING: Wipe/factory reset is needed. All data will be lost! Make a backupĀ  before updating!


The update method that Samsung offer, is usingĀ  their New PC Studio (nps) that runs only under Microsoft Windows. Install nps in English (not in German because of a bug). Start nps and then connect the mobile phone with the computer. Go to Update –> Update device –> select GT-i7500 and click on Update. After a few minutes the latest update is installed. The mobile need some times to boot. After boot you must do a wipe, go to Settings –> Sdcard –> internal memory –> factory reset. All data will lose after this.

The results of this updates are

  • much speed improvement
  • better touchscreen feeling
  • new “Switchers”-App
  • better keyguard
  • compass fixed
  • better gps
  • camera speedup
  • Tethering is working again

Some Screenshots of the new Switchers-App.



Battery time is improved, but this need a few day of tests.

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14 Responses to New firmware IH8 is out

  1. tester says:

    All the user data will be erased ??
    What is the method to backup my all data on the device??@@

    Does any body has the idea about it ?

  2. philipp says:

    perfect, i’m up to date

  3. ressu says:

    You can work around the need to erase all data. In my case the phone app started to crash and was caused by APN inconsistencies. The firmware that was available in various places had a CSC package inside the main distribution and it tried to push some new APN settings to my phone which was the cause.

    Opening up the package and flashing without the cache.img made the new firmware work without any problems and without hard reset! YAY!

  4. chris says:

    any ideay how to get image and flash with nandroid?


  5. Shay says:

    is there a way to update using
    or perhaps updating manually using fastboot or adb?

  6. Dave says:

    I updated using the german NPS and it’s worked fine, all the updates have been applied, everything works as it should, and no data loss. APN settings all still correct as well, It came up with an “Android service is not responding. Close/Wait” error, but I clicked wait and all seemed well

  7. Johan says:

    II5 is out now, can’t find any change logs though

  8. seenxu says:

    I had tried to update galaxy under virtualbox(xp) on ubuntu, nps finds only my mass storage, but the updater finds no phone to update, totally confused.

  9. Kreator says:

    I have the same problem, no phone detected. I’m under XP so the problem doesn’t seem to be the virtualbox.

    Any ideas?

  10. johnstock says:

    what about firmware k4?

  11. step21 says:


  12. step21 says:

    @johnstock is this supposed to be a new one? I’m only only in windows for very specific tasks that are not often required (like updateing samsung firmware) so I don’t check very often.

  13. johnstock says:

    I7500XXIK4 (not official, from O2)

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