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Nandroid gets working, New recovery image

August 1st, 2009


after a long work nandroid backup works. I created a new recovery image.

Steps for a backup

a) Download my recovery image release 0.2d here.

b) Flash the file in fastboot mode
[root@fedora android]# ./fastboot flash recovery recovery-gal_rel_0_2d.img
sending ‘recovery’ (2914 KB)… OKAY
writing ‘recovery’… OKAY

c) boot in recovery mode (Info: the new user interface is ussless today)
Press volume_down+call+power for 5sec

d) open adb-shell and type nandroid backup
[root@fedora android]# ./adb shell
/ # backup
nandroid-mobile v2.1 mSDK
mounting system and data read-only, sdcard read-write
checking free space on sdcard
Dumping boot to /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227/boot.img…done
Dumping recovery to /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227/recovery.img…done
Dumping system to /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227/system.img…done
Dumping data to /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227/data.img…done
Dumping cache to /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227/cache.img…done
Dumping userdata to /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227/userdata.img…done
generating md5sum file…done
unmounting system, data and sdcard
Backup successful.


e) make a copy of the backup-files
boot normal and copy the files from sdcard to your pc. The files are located at /sdcard/nandroid/

Info: not all files are backup. The settings files from /data are located in /sdcard/data and /sdcard is not in the backup.

Steps for restore

a) boot in recovery mode (Info: the new user interface is ussless today)
Press volume_down+call+power for 5sec

b) open adb-shell and type nandroid restore
[root@fedora android]# ./adb shell
/ # restore
nandroid-mobile v2.1 mSDK
Restore path: /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/20090731-2227
Verifying backup images…
boot.img: OK
cache.img: OK
data.img: OK
recovery.img: OK
system.img: OK
userdata.img: OK
Flashing boot…
header is the same, not flashing boot
Flashing recovery…
flashing recovery from recovery.img
Erasing /data…
Unpacking data image…
end of image
Erasing /system…
Unpacking system image…
end of image
Restore done

c) be happy!

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14 Responses to Nandroid gets working, New recovery image

  1. koy says:

    Works like a charm!

    Many thanks and keep up the good work! :)

  2. Jacques-Daniel PILLON says:

    Hi and thank you for your software.
    I hope that it could save my phone :
    I tried to install the last firmware from samsung software but something goes wrong (thanks Windob…). Now when booting my i7500, I got the message : “INVALID BOOT IMAGE HEADER, hdr->magic:” and nothing else !
    I would like to discuss about this with you by private mail to enventually retrieve original boot.img image.

    Thank you

  3. Steffen Lindner says:

    A nice guy has put the content from the update here. In the tar-file is a file named kernel. This is the boot image for the Galaxy. Flash this in fastboot mode and your phone will boot normally. (flash boot, not recovery!)

  4. [...] anderer, der das Update nicht drauf hat – das modifizierte Recovery Image flashen und ein Nandroid-Backup machen? M

  5. Jacques-Daniel PILLON says:

    Thanks Steffen, it works perfectly.
    My i7500 is no more a brick…


  6. MR says:

    I did erase boot.img on my Galexy :(
    Could you email your file to me ?

  7. Steffen Lindner says:

    For a working boot.img read the comments above, please!

  8. SP says:

    Good guide, however I have a question. I’m wondering if the nandroid backup is particular to the phone? or whether adb push’ing the files to the sdcard and running nandroid restore would work on any Galaxy phone?

    Long story short, I was playing around with the phone and now I’m left with essentially a brick. I can boot into Recovery and Fastboot (although adb doesn’t seem to be working in Recovery yet…) My nandroid backup boots into the Samsung Galaxy logo without a loading bar.

    Wondering if I had adb working and I could find someone elses nandroid backup for Galaxy and then use that for a restore?

  9. Steffen Lindner says:

    It seems like you boot image is broken. This is the last update from Samsung. Unzip the file and flash the “kernel”-file via adb flash boot file.

  10. SP says:

    Flashed the boot.img with fastboot flash boot boot.img and this now gets me to the Galaxy logo screen with “loading bar” but gets stuck on this as well.

    I’m thinking I need to do a restore with a working nandroid backup if this is possible.

  11. Steffen Lindner says:

    Flash the recovery image from Samsung. Boot in to recovery mode and press menu button. This will make a wipe.
    If this doesn’t work your system.img is corrupted.

    Are you using the nandroid backup from this post?

  12. SP says:

    Did that and still stuck on the loading bar, guess my system.img is corrupted. I havent been able to get adb working yet, only fastboot and when I try to fastboot flash system system.img from this post (inside the .tar) I get a FAILED: data too large error.

    So I guess I need to get adb working, then adb flash system system.img to fix it. Unless there is some option to give on fastboot for large files? Unfortunately i’m going away for a week this morning (without my new phone!ack!) Thanks for the help though! very appreciated!

  13. Michael_GBR says:

    Does anybody know how to create a boot.img from the Android-Source code. When I “make” the Android-Source-Code I only get system.img, ramdisk.img and userdata.img. But no boot.img. What I would like to do ist modifing the Android Source-Code and then “make, and then uploade all *.img files to my Samsung-Galaxy. Just to make it short –> I want to clean up the whole partitons on Samsung-Galaxy and then upload –> boot.img, system.img and userdata.img. Does anyone know how to do it? Any idea ?

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