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Full backup/restore for Samsung Galaxy with nandroid

August 5th, 2009

After a long work i have created a new recovery image. This containts a new gui and a full working nandroid backup and restore. The backup and restore is tested and it works great. The only issue is, that the date of the files from /data is from the backup day. But this does not happens.

The new gui

I have created a new gui for the recovery image. It based on the sources from Jesus Freke 1.43 (thank you very much for putting the sources on the web).

The new menu has three option:

  • reboot (press back button)
  • backup (press menu button)
  • restore latest (press call/green button)


(image quality is very bad, because the lack for a good camera)

New nandroid backup

The hardware of the SamsungĀ  is not same as htc. So i have update nandroid to work proper with the Galaxy. The Galaxy has an ext3 partition for /data not in the mtd memory on the phone. This partition is much bigger as on G1/Magic. So you must have 885mb free for backup. The backup did not need it full, but it is possible.(my backup is only 120mb big)

Install the new image

  1. download image and unzip
  2. boot in fastboot mode
  3. flash the new image
    1. fastboot flash recovery recovery_gal_msdk.img
  4. reboot (with short put off batterie)

Using it

Boot in recovery mode with pressing volume_down+call+power. If you see the gui, press menu button for backup. Or the call/green buttonĀ  to restore the latest backup.



The backups are stored in the internal sdcard of the mobile phone. Only the lastest backup will be restored. For restore an older backup, rename the diectory which contains the backup to being the last date.(see /sdcard/nandroid/mem=109M/). /userdata and /cache are not restored by default, because they contains not usefull data. Backup to the microsd-card, located under /sdcard/sd, will work in the next release.

Changelog recovery image

mSDK 0.3l:

  • update nandroid script
  • recompiled the recovery binary
  • new working gui
  • added /etc/fstab for the common android mount points
  • removed the Samsung stuff
  • custom background image

Please test it and write a comment with the result. Final, don’t forget to look at my sponsors.

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17 Responses to Full backup/restore for Samsung Galaxy with nandroid

  1. Johan says:

    The link to the new image is incorrect :)

  2. CiTuX says:

    wrong link!

  3. Steffen Lindner says:

    Oh, sorry. Is fixed.

  4. CiTuX says:

    Thanks :D
    Good job!

  5. Sepp says:

    Thanks, works fine so far with one small problem.
    The factory reset function by inputting the code *2767*3855# has stopped working.
    Can you fix it?

  6. Alex says:

    any chance you will let download a source code of /sbin/recovery utility?


  7. Steffen Lindner says:

    I plan this for the next release.

  8. Alex says:

    Great, thanks a lot. When can we expect for the next release?

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  11. MadMartigaN says:

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

  12. solar_sea says:

    Works like a charm, thanks!

  13. solar_sea says:

    Also, flashrec works on the phone, so it doesn’t have to be flashed from fastboot mode.

  14. step21 says:

    working so far. also I’m actively working on a custom rom for a newer android version. currently my biggest problem is that for some reason with new system, userdata, kernel, ramdisk, somehow my data partition is only 1.8 mb big, which is obviously not big enough to boot. not sure how that happened, don’t remember changing partition sizes. Feell free to contact me if you got an idea or want to assist somehow.

  15. this is really important informations thx a lot

  16. zibzy says:

    Does it work with samsung spica? :)

  17. Steffen Lindner says:

    no, the models are different

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